Employer Services

Why Choose Chroda Recruitment?

Chroda Recruitment find candidates for your vacancy easier and cheaper than ever before.

  • Post Vacancies for completely FREE
  • Search our comprehensive database for completely FREE
  • Arrange interviews with candidates for completely FREE
  • Take candidates on Permanently for completely FREE
  • Your Vacancies posted on job boards and other career related sites for completely FREE
  • User friendly system
  • Improved quality of candidates
  • More targeted requests for candidates
  • Time saving in the recruitment process
  • Increased incentive for candidates to deliver good performance
  • Analytics and statistics of usage
  • More sustainable, contentious workforce
  • Better retention of employees
  • Improved efficiencies through a number of stages in the recruitment process

Our system provides employers with a direct and time saving facility to find and directly contact candidates with the right skills and experiences for their roles, offering huge savings on recruitment costs and a trusted way to meet their staffing needs

Temporary Recruitment

Require Temporary Staff
We understand that companies require temporary candidates for peeks and troughs in business and panned and unplanned absences. With a comprehensive database of available candidates we can meet your staffing requirements with a number of value added services including :

  • Payroll
  • Automated Timesheet Management
  • Automated Invoice
  • Statistics on usage

Along with the other benefits of the Chroda platform.

Our system means we can offer a service cheaper than competitors with a number of value added services. No worries about payroll or paperwork – we pay the candidates and handle payroll taxes and insurance.
There are no secrets with Chroda Recruitment just direct and easy access to great candidates at a significant discount. We offer accountability and transparency in everything we do – allowing employers and job seekers to be treated with openness and fairness

Contact us to find out more about our pricing options and automated timesheet management using the latest technology on the market.