Employers / FAQs

Q. What is Chroda?

Chroda is a an online recruitment application that enables companies to search and select available candidates through our online client portal and allowing them to capture and store information about the performance of candidates they've used. This information aids the selection of tried and tested candidates for future assignments.

Q. How will I benefit?

Chroda Recruitment clients benefit from:

  • Reduced recruitment costs
  • Improved quality of candidates
  • More targeted requests for candidates
  • Time saving in the recruitment process
  • Increased incentive for candidates to deliver good performance
  • Improved efficiencies through a number of stages in the recruitment process including
  • placing a vacancy
  • easier/faster/more efficient booking of staff
  • up to date timesheets
  • invoices
  • analytics and statistics of usage

Q. How much does it cost?

Uniquely, the pay rate is agreed directly between the worker and the employer with all associated on costs shown and calculated so employers can see the full cost. Please contact us to discuss our full pricing options.

Q. What is the minimum period that I can sign up for

You can sign up for as little as 1 month with no obligation to use our system.

Q. Will the service be reliable?

The application is hosted in a state of the art data centre which is constantly backed up. This ensures a high-level of business continuity and disaster recovery capability.

Q. What kind of support will I get?

Each client is appointed a personal contracts manager and 24 hour point of contact. We offer the same service as your conventional recruitment agent with a host of value added extras all at a reduced cost.

Q. How can I add my existing assignment data into the application?

If you give us your existing assignment data we'll enter it into the application for you, allowing you to view, recruit and rate any of the candidates you are currently using.

Q. Who can I contact if I have any questions?

You can email us at info@chroda.com or you can phone us on 0844 1234567. Contact details are also available on our contact us page at www.chroda.com

Q. Will this involve lots of extra work for my staff?

No. Assignment details take less than a minute for recruiters to enter. After that the workflow is managed automatically by the application. Clients can opt to enter reviews by grading candidates on a scale on 1 - 5. In fact the application can reduce overall staff effort by speeding up the rehiring process.

Q. Will the application need to be integrated with other recruitment software and performance management tools?

No. The application is designed to be standalone so it does not require any significant input from your IT department.

Q. What hardware or software will I need to run the application?

The application does not require any special hardware or software. The software runs on any standard PC with an internet connection.

Q. How easy is the application to use?

The Chroda Recruitment system is very easy to use by design. There is also in-built help available to guide users.

Q. Will I get training on how to use the application?

Chroda Recruitment can provide recruiters with training on how to use the application. Although the application is very easy to use our team is always on hand to provide support should you need it.

Q. How do I go about sign up for the service?

You can either contact a member of our staff on 0844 123 567 or simply press here and complete our registration form and someone will contact you.