FAQs for Candidates

Q. What is Chroda Recruitment?

Chroda is a an online recruitment application that enables companies to search and select available candidates through our online client portal. Candidates can update their availability through their login page giving them direct contact with potential employers. Once hired employers can rate and store candidate details for possible future positions.

Q. Who will be able to see reviews about me?

Only the company who entered the review will be able to see it. Within the company only selected individuals who work in recruitment roles will have access to the information held in the Chroda recruitment application (e.g. reviews, CVs, etc).

Q. What are the benefits of signing up to Chroda Recruitment?

Chroda Recruitment allows you to update your availability directly to potential employers, giving them an immediate indication of your availability to work. Uploading your CV to companies will give more information about your skills and experience to help them decide if you're suitable for future assignments. Also, you can further increase your chances of getting an assignment by doing a good job for employers. With our rating system your hard work will be recorded and not go unnoticed. The system will send suitable vacancies direst to your mobile phone and allow you to register your interest in a vacancy there and then.

Q. How much does it cost to use?

Chroda Recruitment is completely free for Candidates.

Q. How do I go about signing up for the service?

Firstly Chroda Recruitment ensures that all candidates on their system are eligible to work and meet a number of requirements that we endeavor to deliver to our clients.

First you should complete our easy 3 step pre screening process at www.chroda.com. A member of our team will then contact you to arrange an interview. Alternatively you can contact a member of staff on 0844 123 4578